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Should I Repair or Replace my HVAC Unit?

HVAC units

Deciding on whether your HVAC system can handle another repair or whether it’s time to make the big jump and buy a new system is a big deal. We never recommend making this decision on your own, you should always consult with an HVAC professional, but we’ve put together this guide to help you with the early stages of the process.

How old is your system?

The first question you should ask yourself is, “how old is my HVAC unit?” If your unit is already near the end of its lifespan, then it won’t hurt to replace it now. Energy Star suggests that replacing a unit older than 12 can save you nearly 20 percent on heating and cooling costs. We would recommend using that 10-year mark as a benchmark for your unit.

What problems have you encountered with your current system?

If you’ve noticed rising energy bills in the last few years or inconsistent temperatures that affect your comfort at home, these could be other signals that it’s time for a new unit. A repair will undoubtedly help, but it likely won’t last that much longer.

Consider the Cost of a Repair

Since costs are the primary deciding factor for most decisions in our lives, why wouldn’t it apply here? If a repair is only going to cost $50, then it’s worth it to go with a short-term repair. However, if the repair cost is equal to half the price of a new unit, it’s more cost-effective to replace the unit, especially if your system is nearing or past that 10-year mark.

If you’re on the fence about your HVAC unit, don’t hesitate to contact our comfort experts at Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. Call us at (937) 837-2333 or visit our website for more information about the services we offer.

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