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New HVAC Technology That You Should Know About

Technology panel When you talk about new technology, people have the tendency to think about their cell phones, computers, new games or apps, and so on. But there are many areas in our everyday lives that are rapidly changing and improving through today’s new technology. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is one more area seeing new technological advancements that are both convenient and cost-efficient.

From self-diagnosing systems to “smart” controls, new HVAC technology is driving rapid growth in the industry. This technology, plus ever-changing energy standards, is leading to more sophisticated HVAC systems.

Some of the Latest Advances Are

  • Improvements in electric motor efficiencies – the blower motor in the furnace or air handler can run more and use less electricity than older motors.
  • Technology has improved the transfer of heat and cold through the refrigerant cycle and increased the efficiency of air conditioners and heat pump systems. New systems can use less than half of the electricity of systems that are 15-20 years old.
  • High-efficiency furnaces with primary and secondary heat exchangers can capture up to 98 percent of the heat generated by the unit and put that heat into the home, instead of out the exhaust flue.
  • Smart thermostats or Wi-Fi thermostats are becoming very popular in the HVAC world. This technology allows the user to control and observe the temperature and operation of their HVAC system from a smartphone or a computer at any time. Once connected, you can adjust temperature settings and save on energy costs. There are also ways to control the airflow in every room of your house using a smart ventilation system.
  • Air purification and filtering products have improved indoor air quality.

Is the Latest in HVAC Technology Really Worth Your Money?

Higher-efficiency equipment is worth the upfront investment because it can pay for itself over time in utility savings. A Wi-Fi thermostat is more of a luxury item, but it can add value and peace of mind for people who tend to be out of town a lot. A new air purification system is a “quality of life” element and is worth the investment, especially for those with health issues like allergies.

Air quality and Wi-Fi thermostats can be installed on existing systems, which means a lower cost overall. The other items will require equipment replacement, which can lead to much higher expenditures. Sometimes equipment replacement is better in the long run because the technological improvements are built into new equipment, and the improved components must work together to achieve increased efficiency.

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