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Your Pre-Vacation Home Checklist

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What to Do Before You Leave

Vacation time is exciting! It can also provoke some anxiety as you start packing and begin to close up your home while you’re away. Whether you’re leaving for a week or a month (or more), there are things you should do before heading out the door.

Update Thermostat Settings

A common myth is that you should turn off your thermostat while you’re on vacation. That may sound like a good idea since you aren’t using your AC while away, but it could cause more trouble than savings.

When the AC is off, it doesn’t just make your home uncomfortable, it could cause heat to collect in furniture and other items. This will make your home that much hotter when you return and make it difficult to get the temperature back down. Plus, mold and mildew can grow in hot, humid areas.

You can bump the thermostat up about 8-10 degrees to prevent it from wasting energy while making sure your home is safe.

Adjust Electronics

Before heading out the door, unplug nonessential appliances, like coffee machines, blenders, toasters, and more. You can also unplug the TV, computers, and even your WiFi router to save on energy.

Remove perishables from the fridge (even if you think they’ll make it). You can also raise the refrigerator temperature a few degrees to prevent wasted energy.

Turn off most of your lights, but set some on a timer that will flip on for a few hours each day. This will prevent outsiders from thinking the home is empty.

Turn Off Water & Gas

Before leaving, but after you know you’ll no longer need them, turn off your main water and gas lines. This prevents waste and bursts from pressure buildup.

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