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Importance of Home Ventilation

A roof of a home pointed with a ventilation vent on the siding

Importance of Home Ventilation

We often don’t think about the air that moves around our home. Unless there’s a significant draft or a bad odor, we don’t really notice it. But indoor air quality is a crucial factor to your health and home comfort.

Good indoor air quality depends on airflow and ventilation. There are built-in components in your home that help remove pollutants from inside. Here’s why ventilation is such a crucial part of your home.

Natural Ventilation

Sometimes there’s nothing better than just opening up the windows. However, this is a temporary solution and won’t help in the heat of summer or cold winter. If you’re bringing in harmful chemicals, like paint, cleaning chemicals, and more, you can (and should) open your windows to let the outside air dilute the adverse effects of the chemicals.

What Happens With Poor Ventilation

The American Lung Association says that homes are like lungs - both need to breathe! Poor ventilation in your home can increase the risk of lung disease due to exposure to pollutants.

When there is not enough ventilation, pollutants from the various appliances and materials in your home become concentrated at levels above normal. For example, carbon monoxide, radon, and moisture can all build up and cause different health effects.

Improving Ventilation at Home

So what can you do to improve your home ventilation? There are many tools available.

Use exhaust fans above your kitchen and in your bathroom. These devices help filter out pollutants and moisture. You can also make sure your ductwork is efficient and clean, reducing the pollutants that can be sent around your home.

You should also remember to maintain your AC, furnace, and the air filters that go with each, so any pollutants that do come into your home can be filtered and prevented from entering your air.

Air Quality Solutions for Your Home

Air quality doesn’t just happen. It takes the right tools and setup. That’s where Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. comes in. Contact one of our experts today at (937) 837-2333 to get more information and discuss your air quality needs.