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Snowy Weather and You: Fixing a Frozen Heat Pump

snow covered heat pumps

Looking Out For Your Heat Pump

Your heat pump is a reliable heating system that can handle a lot throughout the year, but sometimes in the winter, the extra cold weather can put a lot of strain on your heat pump. While heat pumps are designed to work year-round, an unexpected significant drop in temperatures can cause your heat pump to freeze up!

Now don't worry, a frozen heat pump can be annoying to deal with, but it's not the end of the world! Here are some tips and pointers on what you can do when your heat pump is frozen.

Make Sure To Power Off Your System

Before you inspect your heat pump, make sure to cut off all power to your unit! Letting your heat pump continue to run while it is frozen can lead to unnecessary strain on the system that severely damages it. More damage can mean extra repairs, and that is just more money you will be spending.

Also, poking around a machine with fans is not a good idea if it suddenly turns on. You don't want to turn your simple inspection into a horror movie. After turning off all power to your heat pump, you can safely inspect your system.

Run The Defrost Cycle

It may seem obvious, but most heat pumps come with a defrost cycle that can deal with any excess frost that may have caused a shut-off. Follow the instructions of your heat pump defrost cycle to help remove any extra ice on the coils and get back to heating your home.

Remove Excess Frost

If you notice a build-up of frost or snow on the outer portion of your heat pump, you can try removing some of the excesses to help with the system's defrost cycle. Snow compaction can put significant strain on your system, so remove that heavy build-up.

Be careful when removing the frost around your heat pump top and avoid using any sharp objects to break the ice. Your heat pump's coils and fins can be damaged if you try stabbing at the ice with a sharp object. Try to focus on the outer chassis.

Call a Pro

There's no way around it, but you're going to need to call a professional to help with any further damage. If your heat pump's defrost cycle is not cutting it, then you're going to need to contact our team.

Sometimes faulty writing or broken components can be the issue of your heat pump problems. Unless you know what you're doing, messing around with your heat pump can cause unnecessary damage to the system.

At Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. we can help fix your heat pump fast, so you can go back to being cozy indoors. So give us a call at (937) 837-2333, and we'll be happy to defrost your heat pump!