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7 Filthy Places You’re Forgetting to Clean

Woman vacuuming under couch

When everything seems messy, it may be easy to forget the places that may need to be cleaned the most.

The things in plain sight, countertops, floors, windows, mirrors, and more are the things we clean first. Once that’s done it may look clean as can be, but is it? You could be forgetting to clean these 7 filthy places.

1. Cabinets

Wiping down countertops in all areas of the home seems to be a common chore, but what about your cabinets? How often do you clean the shelves, handles and cabinet doors?

Wiping them down with soap and water or a general household cleaner can help keep them clean from bacteria.

2. Your Fridge

Most chores include cleaning out the fridge, but what about the outside of it.

Your fridge handle is touched by pretty much everyone in your household, even guests.

Disinfecting it with a wipe daily can help prevent the spread of germs.

3. Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen can be one of the most used rooms inside the house, which means bacteria can be easily transferred.

All the handles of your appliances could use a cleaning and the knobs or buttons on your oven or microwave could use a wipe down too.

Appliances like dishwashers seem like they would be clean since they clean your dishes, but they could also use a deeper cleaning every once in a while.

4. Your Bath Mat

Your bathroom mat can become dirty quickly and is often left wet when you step out of the shower, which can be an attractant for bacteria and other germs.

Cleaning these can be as simple as throwing them in the washer weekly.

5. Under your Furniture

Have you ever moved around your furniture and been shocked by the amount of dust and debris that lives underneath?

Your sofa, coffee table and more make your home comfy and functional, but not vacuuming or sweeping underneath them every once in a while can cause dust build-up, which contributes to your indoor air quality.

6. Window Sills

When the windows are clean on both the inside and outside of the windowpane, you may not think to clean the surrounding sill.

If you open and close your windows to cool your home, you may have leaves and debris come in and get stuck in the sill.

A cleaning with simple soap and water can help keep them clean of debris and dust.

7. Your Wardrobe

We don’t mean getting rid of your clothes, we mean dusting or wiping down where you store your clothes.

Your closet and your drawers only hold clothes that have recently been washed, but dust can build up and they could use a swift cleaning every once in a while.

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