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Stop! Chemicals Are Hurting Your Drain

Person cleaning sink with chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners most commonly include hydrochloric acid. Although it can clean the drain, it can do more damage than good, in all aspects of life.

Pipe Damage

The hydrochloric acid can break down the coding in your pipes. Over time if you continue to use it, it can cause your pipes to corrode and holes to form.

The damage from it can cost more than regular professional drain cleanings or DIY solutions.

Environmental Damage

Besides damaging your pipes, residue from chemical cleaners can end up in landfills and in our water system.

This is damaging to the environment, our health, and the health of wildlife.

Health Risks

The toxicity from the cleaner can be a health hazard for the person handling it and others in the household.

The fumes that come off the chemicals can linger in the air for hours and cause irritation to your skin, eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. It can also be irritating to your pets.


Instead of risking damage to your plumbing, the environment, and your health, try using a DIY solution.

They are made of natural ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen, including baking soda, lemon, and vinegar.

DIY cleaners can’t always solve your problems. If your pipes are corroded or a tree root is growing into your pipe, it cannot be seen from the surface. Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air offers professional drain cleaning and video camera inspections to help solve your drain plumbing problems.

Preventative Maintenance

You may also help your drain by flushing it with hot water after every use. Letting the water run for 30 seconds after using the sink can help push all unwanted substances that could stick to the pipes, down the drain.

Korrect also recommends ProClean concentrated drain cleaner. The cleaner is a preventative product, so it will not remove clogs but will prevent them from happening.

It is a safe, environmentally friendly solution to help keep your drains free-flowing. It helps prevent build-up from greases, fats, and soap scum that may make its way into your pipes.

ProClean concentrated drain cleaner contains no acids, solvents, or caustic ingredients. It is approved by NSF, making it safe to use in food processing areas.

Korrect has this non-toxic and safe product available for purchase.

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