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10 Hot Trends In Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom with gray interior Is it time to freshen up your old bathroom? Updating your fixtures can give your bathroom a whole new look.

When it comes to choosing bathroom fixtures, the options are plentiful. Before you purchase these items, do your homework, research products online, and make a checklist of what you want and what will actually work in the space you have.

Remodeling your bathroom can be exciting. Plumbing fixtures in the bathroom include the toilet, sink, shower, and tub. There is a wide range of prices on each of these items, so you might want to establish a budget for yourself before shopping for your new fixtures.

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Some of the new trends out on the market can be costly and are more pleasing to the eye than they are practical. Revisit your priority list and make decisions based on need and budget. Keep in mind that high-quality bathroom fixtures last longer and require less maintenance. Newer models also help conserve water.

Here Are Just a Few of the Recent Trends

  1. Wall-mount showerheads are available in many styles and finishes. Low-flow showerheads use less water, while still maintaining a powerful spray.
  2. High-tech shower systems also are available with temperature controls, digital touchscreen controls, and even wireless speakers. Some of these features can be controlled via a mobile phone.
  3. Floor-standing vanities range in price, but one can make any bathroom look fancy. Do you have a small space to fill, but want to dress up the bathroom? A floor-standing vanity is high, yet compact, making it the perfect size for a smaller bathroom.
  4. Free-standing bathtubs can be very relaxing after a long day. These sculptured tubs are nearly two feet deep and feature an interior lip for your arms to rest. They can create a spa-like feel and are more efficient, space-wise, than traditional deck-mounted tubs.
  5. Dual-flush toilets are catching on quickly in the “green” plumbing world. American Standard offers a model equipped with two settings that can save nearly 20 percent less water.
  6. Automation is also the latest technology when it comes to toilets. There are toilets on the market that feature touchless flushing, heated seats and even cleansing sprays.
  7. Have you thought about changing to a touch faucet like the ones you see at a fancy hotel or restaurant? Delta has a new faucet that allows users to tap anywhere on the handle to start or stop the water flow.
  8. A one-piece lavatory can be mounted onto a wide variety of vanity bases. Kohler has a new one on the market made of enameled cast-iron that blends well in any new bathroom setting.
  9. Hand-held shower heads are not only flexible but are now presented with a twist — Moen has a hand-held shower that pivots around the handle to switch between four spray modes.
  10. Sinks now come in every size, shape or style imaginable. Different types include pedestal, wall-mounted, under-mount, and vessel sinks, allowing for unlimited design choices. Metallic finishes are also currently in style.

There are many new high-tech and high-performance fixtures out on the market. You can purchase smart products, touch, and computerized products equipped with sensors to turn the water on and off. Some even come with an app that you can load and control via a mobile phone. Whatever you choose, be sure it fits your budget, style, and comfort level. Stick to name brands such as Moen, Delta, Kohler, or American Standard because these companies support their products well and repair parts are readily available.

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