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Do I Need a Sprinkler System for My Lawn?

child running in grass through a sprinkler Depending on what day it is in Ohio, a sprinkler system could be the answer for a sick, dry lawn. While Ohio weather is unpredictable, sprinkler systems usually are not. But before going out and purchasing a new sprinkler system, weigh the pros and cons of having one…

Pros of having a sprinkler system:

  • If Mother Nature is not living up to your expectations, then take the guesswork out of watering and consult a professional to install a sprinkler system for you.
  • A sprinkler system can water more efficiently, reduce water use and save you money.
  • Recent improvements include sprinkler head designs, rain sensors and moisture sensors that can reduce water waste. Programmable controllers allow you to stay compliant with water restrictions and allow you to monitor your lawn.
  • Sprinkler systems save you time and the stress of rolling and dragging hoses around your yard or moving a sprinkler to different areas of your lawn.
  • Sprinkler systems take up little of your time and are mostly effortless.

Cons of having a sprinkler system:

  • Even the best and most expensive sprinkler system can end up wasting both money and water. It also can damage your landscape if it is improperly designed and installed.
  • Sprinkler systems can be very costly and should be installed and audited by a professional, which is an additional labor cost.
  • Without a sprinkler system, you still can have a lush green lawn by sticking to a regular watering schedule.
  • Even though cheaper sprinkler systems have been created with plastic piping, parts, and maintenance for these systems can still be costly.

What you can use in place of a sprinkler system:

  • Consider drip irrigation for a small yard.
  • Add a variety of flower or plant beds. Do your research and find plants that grow well in your area – ones that require less watering and maintenance.
  • Harvest rainwater to fulfill watering needs.
  • Create your own watering system that is less costly.
  • Do more landscaping by adding bushes, plants, shrubs or trees. Add a patio, deck, or gazebo – things that don’t require constant watering.
  • Digging a well for a sprinkler system is another resolution, but it will cost money upfront.

Take the time to research and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why do I need a sprinkler system?
  • What are my reasons for keeping a lush green lawn?
  • Do I truly have the money to spend on maintaining a green lawn?
  • Should I create my own system?
  • With the high costs of automatic sprinkler systems, do I want to spend thousands of dollars on a new system or redesign my current system?

And the final question – should I just allow Mother Nature to do her job?

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