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Pros and Cons of a Touchless Faucet for Your Kitchen

Person washing a red bell pepper under the sinkNew technology has finally found its way into the kitchen through the touchless faucet, making the cook’s corner a safer and more convenient place to be in while preparing meals.

These new faucets can be a great choice for many different reasons. Touchless faucets are fixtures that have sensors allowing the user to “touch” the faucet with your hand or arm to turn the unit on and off. Normally these types of faucets are found in a restaurant, stadium, or other large venues, but this new technology is becoming more and more popular inside a residence. These faucets are a wonderful option for children’s bathrooms or for sinks in which the user’s hands will be full. But as with anything, do some research before purchasing one of these new fancy faucets.

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What Are the Pros of Having a Touchless Faucet?

  • Touchless faucets conserve large amounts of water and can save a homeowner money over time.
  • These faucets are also excellent ways to keep bacteria and other germs from spreading throughout a home.
  • It’s convenient — if your hands are full or messy, you can turn the faucet on with your arm.

What Are the Cons of Having a Touchless Faucet?

  • Touchless faucets have more mechanical parts and tend to be more problematic.
  • They come with a built-in energy cost because they operate on battery power and require sensors to work, which can be costly if you are replacing batteries constantly. As technology improves, newer models will feature rechargeable batteries.
  • If you choose to install a touchless faucet, more than likely you will have to hire a plumber because it is installed differently than a traditional faucet.
  • You still have to adjust the temperature control, as with all other facets.
  • Touchless faucets cost more than traditional faucets.

Do your research, make sure that a touchless faucet will work in your home and consider all the pros and cons of the faucet. To the right customer, a touchless faucet may be worth the money, especially for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

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