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Welcome to Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air

For more than 65 years, the professionals at Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air have been providing prompt and friendly service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in need of heating, air conditioning, and plumbing service. Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our customers trust in our ability to find solutions to their problems in an efficient manner, whether it’s for plumbing repair in Dayton, OH, drain clearing in Oakwood, heating repair in Kettering, or a bathroom remodel in Springboro.

We can provide you with solutions in all these areas no matter where you live in the Miami Valley.

Drain and Sewer Service

At Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air, we’re committed to providing the Dayton, OH area with courteous and professional service for both residential and commercial clients. Our fully trained and licensed plumbers are committed to answering your questions directly and honestly and solving your plumbing problems to your satisfaction.

Drain Cleaning (Up to 6″ Diameter Pipe)

Drain lines are an integral part of any plumbing system and when ignored, can eventually lead to a huge mess! Over time, drain lines will develop an accumulation of soap scum, hair, food particles, and whatever else you put down them. If you have large trees or bushes close to where the main drain runs from your home to the city sewer at the street, root buildup may be a problem that periodically needs attention.

Korrect Plumbing, Heating & AirIf you are having a problem with a backed up or slow drain, call us and we’ll get that drain cleared and flowing again. We have professional grade drain cleaning equipment that will allow us to clean and maintain anything from a small sink or toilet drain up to 6″ main drain lines.

Video Camera Inspections (Up To 8″ Diameter Pipe)

We use cameras to show you any problems with your piping and where they are located. This is particularly helpful in the event you would need your line replaced or repaired. If you need a second opinion on the condition of your drains before a major repair is performed – give us a call for an honest assessment!

Sewer and Water Line Repair and Replacements

We have the equipment on hand to excavate, repair, and restore your water and sewer lines. Our operators and plumbers have been performing these repairs for years. Don’t trust your lines and lawns to just any plumber.


Hydro jetting is a sewer-cleaning process that works on various types and sizes of pipe, including storm and sewer drain systems. Unlike mechanical rodding (cable, snake) which just cuts a hole in the blockage, hydro jetting removes the blockage from the inner wall of the pipe, returning it back to its original diameter.

This concept of high-pressure cleaning is a proven solution for removing up to 100% of the grease, roots, and debris built up in the sewer lines. Hydro jetting cleans your sewer lines like no other process can.

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