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For more than 65 years, the professionals at Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air have been providing prompt and friendly service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in need of heating, air conditioning, and plumbing service. Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our customers trust in our ability to find solutions to their problems in an efficient manner, whether it’s for plumbing repair in Dayton, OH, drain clearing in Oakwood, heating repair in Kettering, or a bathroom remodel in Springboro.

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  • Cold Weather- Tip #2

    If there is a fixture in your house that is not getting any water during a deep cold like this, chances are you have a frozen pipe somewhere. Frozen pipes do not always lead to burst pipes, but that is always a possibility. For frozen pipes, the best thing to do is to turn heat on to that area. For example, if there is a frozen pipe leading to your kitchen sink, open the cabinets beneath the fixture and allow

  • Cold Weather- Tip #1

    This cold weather gets a lot of people down. It can be especially hard on your plumbing and on your furnace. Over the next few posts, we will be sharing a few tips and tricks to help you deal with this cold weather. One of the most important things you can do during the cold is to locate your main water shut off valve. If there is any kind of problem, that valve will be extremely beneficial to you. If

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