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Is My Boiler Failing?

What is a Boiler?

Even if your home has a boiler, not everyone knows the boiler's function or purpose. It can be tricky to understand precisely what it does because it actually serves several purposes.

To sum it up quickly, a boiler is a closed vessel that heats the water inside. This water then turns into a vapor and is used for various purposes, including heating water, central heating, cooking, and sanitation. Most homeowners use a boiler as a water heater or a source of central heating, specifically.

Common Boiler Problems

To know whether your boiler is working correctly, you have to know the signs of failure to look out for.


When any of your home appliances begin leaking, you know you've got a problem on your hands. Not only will this impact the functionality of the boiler and its ability to heat your home, but it could also cause significant water damage depending on how much it's leaking.

No Heating


Does it seem like you continually have to adjust your thermostat settings to get your home to the right temperature? This might not be a boiler issue; you could have a malfunctioning thermostat.

Thermostat problems range from easy fixes to necessary replacements, so before making any big decisions, contact your local team of boiler experts for assistance.

Pilot Light

If your boiler is up there in age, then chances are it has a permanent pilot light. This means the pilot light needs to constantly stay lit to light the burner within the boiler and keep the water hot. IF that pilot light switches off for any reason, then the burner switches off too, and now you're left with cold water and no heat.

Before calling a professional, try relighting the pilot yourself, but if this problem persists, then it's time to call for backup.

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