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5 Signs That Your Main Line Needs to Be Cleaned out

man performing maintenance on sewer lines A main line clog might be unseen, but it can cause extensive damage inside a home. Most homeowners give little thought to these lines until there is a problem.

A main line helps transport waste water from the home to underground sewer mains. A clog can lead to a raw sewage backup coming out of the drains, causing significant damage and resulting in an expensive sewer line repair or replacement. Understanding how to respond to the warning signs can save you time and money.

How it Happens

Here are some of the top reasons that a main may need attention:

  • Tree roots, offset tiles, or low spots in the line where the drain line has settled, or even a break in the line that causes the issue
  • An overload of toilet paper or items not designed to be flushed down your toilet
  • In rare cases, a main line can be crushed by outside contractor work
  • On a septic tank system, the tank may need to be pumped
  • After a very heavy or large amount of rain, main systems in the street can become overloaded and cause a temporary backup
  • Hair, food, and soap scum are the usual culprits of smaller drain clogs, but if you notice multiple drains backing up at once, the problem is usually related to the main drain either inside or outside the house
  • More than 90 percent of the time, the reason for clogs is that the line has not been properly maintained or serviced

What to Watch For

How do you know when the main line may be clogged? The most common red flags are:

  1. Water backing up out of a drain or the toilet plumbing inside the house
  2. A gurgling sound coming from the drains
  3. Toilet water is coming up into the bathtub shower or floor drain, along with gurgling in the toilet
  4. Sometimes the backup will break the seal under the toilet, and water will show as a leak around the toilet
  5. Slow-flowing drains

What Can Be Done

  • To prevent clogs or a main line backup, have your drains professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Korrect carries a safe enzyme product to help maintain smaller drains.
  • Main line clogs need to be cleaned with a cutter blade and/or hydro flushing. Water damage and health conditions can occur if the issue is not addressed.
  • It is rare that an entire system needs repaired or replaced by excavating. Korrect is able to camera-verify and locate most problems, but also recommends that you obtain three estimates for any repair job.
  • Make sure all permits are pulled as needed, and never pay for all of the work upfront.
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