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For more than 65 years, the professionals at Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air have been providing prompt and friendly service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in need of heating, air conditioning, and plumbing service. Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our customers trust in our ability to find solutions to their problems in an efficient manner, whether it’s for plumbing repair in Dayton, OH, drain clearing in Oakwood, heating repair in Kettering, or a bathroom remodel in Springboro.

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  • Why a camera inspection is important for your drain line

    Photos tell a story, so why not let them tell the story of your main drain line? Finding the cause of leaky pipes, slow drains, or a backed-up toilet isn’t always easy to detect, but it can be easier with modern technology. Through the use of Korrect Plumbing’s video inspection cameras, the cause of sewer drainage issues can be detected and resolved. A camera inspection can show problems with piping and where issues are located, and it can be helpful

  • Check your furnace now to make sure it’s working properly

    Now that the leaves are changing, along with the weather, it’s a good time to make sure your home’s heating system is working properly. Before the cold temperatures really settle in, take time to do an inspection. Heating systems are generally easy to maintain. However, no matter what type of furnace you have, there are a few things you can check on your own to make sure it is functioning properly. Check the heat/cold source, the distribution system, and the

  • Furnace vs. heat pump: Which should you choose?

    With winter just around the corner, now is the time to make sure your heating system is in proper working order. If you’ve done all the necessary maintenance checks and find that you’re in need of a new unit, you should weigh the pros and cons of what is currently out on the market. Do your research before purchasing equipment and make sure you choose a system that is most effective for your home and your family’s comfort level. Heat

  • 10 Hot Trends In Bathroom Fixtures

    Is it time to freshen up your old bathroom? Updating your fixtures can give your bathroom a whole new look. When it comes to choosing bathroom fixtures, the options are plentiful. Before you purchase these items, do your homework, research products online, and make a checklist of what you want and what will actually work in the space you have. Remodeling your bathroom can be exciting. Plumbing fixtures in the bathroom include the toilet, sink, shower and tub. There is

  • 10 tips for keeping your water softener in prime condition

    Depending on how hard your water is at home, a water softener system can be an important household appliance, and a little seasonal maintenance can keep it running smoothly. In some regions of the state, water can contain high levels of iron, calcium and magnesium. When any these are plentiful in your water, lime can build up and interfere with soap’s ability to clean. The presence of high levels of these minerals also can cause water to smell or taste

  • Does your home have a water pressure problem?

    Does it take a long time for your bathtub to fill up with water? Are you not getting the water flow you want in the shower? Does it take a long time for your dishwasher or washing machine to cycle through? If you are experiencing any of the above, your home may have a water pressure problem. Low water pressure can be a concern, especially if there are multiple family members living in your home. Low pressure issues can be

  • I dropped my wedding ring down the sink – now what?

    There are many small items that can easily be dropped down a sink bathroom. Among those items can be a wedding ring, other valuable pieces of jewelry, children’s toys, toothpaste caps, coins and more. It can happen to anyone. But don’t panic – items that accidentally fall down a sink can be recovered with a little work. Small metallic items, such as jewelry, usually can be retrieved from the plumbing drain trap under the sink. Here’s how: Turn off the

  • Broken pipes and flooded homes: When your insurance might not cover the damage

    Is everything in your house covered by your homeowner’s insurance? You might want to make sure that busted pipes and the resultant flood damage are written into your policy – because water damage can be costly. Some companies charge extra for flood and water insurance. Broken or bulging pipes may not be noticeable and not all of them can be easily inspected for cracks or other issues. Even the smallest of cracks can lead to a major leak. Water damage

  • How to maintain your septic tank

    Inspections and maintenance are done on other systems in your home, but have you thought about the upkeep of the septic tank? Septic system maintenance is very important, however it’s not complicated and it doesn’t need to be expensive. There are a few key factors to consider when doing maintenance on a septic system: A septic system should be inspected every three years by a professional. It also should be pumped out every three-to-five years. Make sure the tank’s water

  • How to lower humidity in your home

    Ah, summer in Ohio – the days are sunny, pleasant and hot…but there are times the pervasive humidity can leave you feeling a bit like steamed broccoli. The high humidity also can become a problem by making it feel warmer inside your home. Working to achieve lower humidity in your home can benefit you and your family in many ways. It keeps you more comfortable, saves money by reducing the need for air conditioning and heating, improves indoor air quality,

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